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5 star review

Lolly Counihan

Sally is truly amazing. I’m very specific about my things and I trust Sally with my most precious items which isn’t something I can say about many people! Tidy neat efficient excellent super mega amazing.


In a word, Sally’s team did a wonderful job on our 3-bedroom flat. We’re selling our property due to relocation, but because we had way too many things, our flat wasn’t very presentable for the estate agent’s photographers. I wasn’t sure how Sally could clean up the mess in a day, considering that we have a 1550 sqft living space.

Magically, they nailed it! They not only cleaned up our mess, but also helped us make decisions about what we should keep and what we should donate. We feel so satisfied after donating our unwanted things. During the session, Sally and her team shared many tips about relocating, organizing our home, and living a good life. I can’t express how surprised I was at the end of the day. Seeing a home as good as new is so rewarding. They are also very nice and friendly to our cats and dog.

Thank you so much for providing such great service at reasonable prices. If it wasn’t for Sally, I would have paid a lot of money to store my unwanted things in local storage, and paid endlessly to keep them there. For anyone who’s considering decluttering, organizing, or wanting a better life at home, please choose ‘Declutter Me.’ At the end of the day, it feels like an extra Christmas Day.

5 star review
5 star review

Samantha Armstrong

Sal and team were absolute lifesavers for us - first helping us to organize parts of our house that seemed beyond help. And then helping us move from our 4-bed house into a much smaller apartment. It was very, very stressful but Sal and her team were both fantastic organizers and quasi-therapists throughout the experience. They are lots of fun and did a fantastic job getting us packed up and settled into apartment. Would 1000% recommend them!

Ahisha F

Sally did a fantastic job helping us declutter and organise our office..we had lost of products and paper work we needed arranging as well as stuff we needed to get rid of. By the end of the day we barely recognised the place and it felt so much lighter and clearer.

5 star review
5 star review


Sal and her team were great!
They helped us pack up and declutter my one bed flat and organised us in our new flat.
I would highly recommend Declutter Me they totally took the stress out of the move and made decluttering an easier process than I ever imagined
Thanks Sal !

Caroline O'reily

Sal is a wonder. She initially sorted out our loft, which was a complete mess, she revolutionised it in one day! Then she helped us unpack when we moved which was also a god send. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her.

5 star review
5 star review

Sal and the team are simply the best. I
She has been helping with my house move and reorganising my two flats. It feels she also helped put some order to my life!
Super professional and very kind. I was stressed the first time but now I always looking forward to the next time she will be here to help me.
If you have never tried I would highly recommend. The way you feel after everything is in order and a method you can keep.. it is simply not easy to put into words!
Thanks Sal! You are the best!
I wish I could take you to my parents place :)

Dee Maywood

Sally was terrific! She was punctual, friendly and reassuring throughout the entire process. She powered through my spaces that needed de cluttering and organised them in a way that I could never have imagined. My cupboards and I were left streamlined and happy!

5 star review

Chloe Caine

5 star review

Sally has been fantastic. We worked together to get my chaotic, adhd home under control and staged for sale. She is incredible at what she does, working at amazing speed, bringing a lot of empathy to the process, and with a great eye for staging and design. She has a good network and arranged some movers to get things out to storage. I'd highly recommend her to anyone that has a short or long term need, and I'm sure I'll chat with her again when I move and want to set up organisational systems in my new place.

Millie Ryan

Sally and her team helped me move home. I couldn’t have done it without them. They made the process quick, organised and faff free. I was struggling to know where to start but Sally made it so easy. Now I am in my new home, and all the boxes are clearly labelled so I know where everything is. I also had a lot of fragile belongings and was worried some of them would not make it, but everything is intact! Thank you so much.
I really recommend the Declutter Me team to help take the stress out of your move.

5 star review
5 star review

Sal and Emily at De clutter came and they certainly changed my room
The service was a 10/10 and highly recommend the team x

Hannah Tucker

Wow! What an amazing service! I highly recommend it, my house is decluttered and I have new systems in place to keep everything tidy! As well as decluttering they also arranged for rubbish and charity bags to be collected making it such an easy simple experience. Sally and her team are lovely and were so efficient and professional.

5 star review
5 star review

Sally and her team are incredible! They helped me with the move, unpacking and organising my flat! I have so much more space in my house thanks to their services! It’s worth any penny!! You will be so grateful for booking them in. Best money ever spent!

Sarah-Jane Harrison

Sal and her team seamlessly swept into our home and created calm out of chaos. She really studied what needed to be done before diving in and then came up with a transformational plan of action to really bring order to our home. She is kind, courteous and completely non judgemental, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

5 star review
5 star review

Sally was an amazing help after my wife died. Because my wife was a hoarder the house was impossibly busy. Sally gave me the help and incentive to turn a cluttered dusty house into a clean tidy home. If I was allowed to I'd give Sal a lot more than five stars!!!

Cindee Low

Sally is wonderful. She hardworking and efficient, she make the whole process seems effortless when all I can see is years of clutter that took up my whole garage to a point that I could hardly move.
I would recommend her whole heartedly, so trustworthy too!
She will definitely make your life transformative.

5 star review


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