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What Marisha Wallace says about Declutter Me

"Story Time: When I got the call for Big Brother I only had a week and a half to get ready. I was closing Guys and Dolls and I had no time to organize my life.

I knew exactly who to call. I called Sal @declutter_me she had helped me organize my closet, my kitchen, actually my whole house. So I knew she would be an expert packing for a very long trip.

She told me to buy packing cubes which I had never used before. And it was a game changer. In the CBB house you have to pack an unpack so many times and you have a tiny closet so the cubes kept me organized and not so messy. She got all my gowns to fit in my bags and you saw how elaborate they were. I couldn’t have done it without her.

If you have any organizing needs. Call Sal right now! Sal @declutter_me changed my life I can’t believe how she has transformed my home as well as my productivity.

Go checkout my closet transformation in my highlights. I will also be posting more of our projects.

Do you need a professional organizer?"

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