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The 80/20 rule

Updated: May 2

The 80/20 rule.

Have you heard about this?

It means we only wear , use , and focus on 20 % of our possessions and mindset 80% of the time!

How mind blowing is that!

We like to use your wardrobes as an example for this rule .

You know that feeling when you have something new and for some reason that’s actually all you wear for the next few months until the next thing . It’s almost like you have nothing else to wear.

Well this is how you can notice that you don’t need as many clothes as you think.

How do you find out what you can let go of?

Well here’s a really easy simple way to find out what your 20% is.

Using your wardrobe remove all of your occasional wear (party wear, ski wear etc)

Make sure you have your summer and winter wardrobes separated.

Once this is done turn all of your coat hangers to face the same way.

As you wear and wash your clothes, place the items back in your wardrobe turning the hanger the opposite way.

If you do this even for a couple of weeks you will soon see what you are wearing and what you are not.

This easy simple tool can help you keep in control of your clutter.

Don’t just do this to your wardrobes implement this around the house. Notice how 

Children only play with 20% of their toys? Declutter what they are not using.

Maybe you have realised that you only use 20% of recipes so do you need all of those cook books?

It’s mind blowing what you really need in comparison to what you think you need.

For more top tips stay tuned save and watch our videos to keep you motivated on your road to a clutter free life .

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