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Guilty Gifts! How those unwanted gifts can weigh you down.

Do you have something in your home that someone gave you that you don't really like or use? Sally talks about this from her own experience with decluttering.

"My friend once purchased me a present for my birthday and upon opening it, I pulled out a cheese fondu set. Now, I do not like cheese so as you can imagine it was a present I did not want or need.

Having then not told the truth when asked 'Do you like it?' It then became a chain around my neck for the next few years.

Sat gathering dust in a cupboard which I could have used for things I love and need, the fondu set not only never saw the light of day but my friend never asked to see it when she came round. Riddled with guilt if I threw it away, surely the sky would fall down or even worse, if my friend would find out I didn't like her gift.

I decided once I had started my decluttering journey to address the elephant in the room. Plucking up the courage I opened the cupboard and released the item. My friend was coming round and I was going to tell her the truth!

In came my friend and I immediately said 'Do you remember that fondu set you got me for my Birthday?'

'No!?' She replied.

And that was it! We laughed and realised all those years of guilt and dread were wasted emotions.

The good news, the fondu set went to another friend who has fondu parties which I do not attend! Oh I'm just kidding!

The moral of the story is, don't hang onto things or unwanted gifts you don't really want, like or need as it really can drag you down and cause clutter in your home."

Cheese fondu set
Guilty Gifts


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