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Don't overbuy in July | How to declutter and organise your bathroom

Bathrooms are often overlooked. Usually the smallest of rooms tend to become over cluttered. Don't drown in half empty bottles and toothpastes. We asked the team at Declutter Me to talk us through the process.

What are your tips for decluttering a bathroom so that one doesn't get overwhelmed but the mission is a success?

The size of each bathroom and their storage can vary, so with this in mind start with one section and see how you do. This could be the toiletries cupboard under the sink. Once you have completed one area you will feel a sense of accomplishment, meaning you can move on to the next section.

Where or what with do you recommend to start with when decluttering a bathroom? And why?

Once you have chosen a certain section to start with, get everything out and start with those old and squeezed within an inch of their lives, tubes and bottles. getting rid of the empty containers first in an instant fix showing you what you then actually have left to be organised.

How long should it take to declutter a bathroom?

Everyone is different so putting a time on how long it takes can be stressful. The reason we recommend going section by section is so you don't pull everything out at once, get overwhelmed and give up.

Although if someone wants to tackle their bathroom within a good time limit and a little bit of a challenge we would recommend using the pomodoro technique. This is where you set a 25 minute timer, declutter and organise what you can in that time then rest. Repeating this 3 times before stopping.

How can you make a bathroom look less cluttered?

Using allocated cupboards for different items can keep you in control of that clutter and help make the space look less cluttered. Use baskets and containers in your drawers and cupboards to keep those products under wraps.

How do you recommend organising a bathroom?

Use your basket and containers to separate products. This could be per family member or per item, this works brilliantly in your bathroom. Choosing a system that works best for your household. Depending on who or what you need you pop out that container, use what you need to then simply pop in back into its storage space once you've used it.

If you are limited on storage space like cupboards and drawers, don't forget to look up. There could be a perfect spot to pop a shelf over the door or on the wall to house your extra stock.

Don't over buy in July challenge

  1. Only keep products you use daily in the bathroom. Keeping your extra stock in a specific cupboard, drawer or shelf.

  2. Think about space, do you have a cupboard or shelf above the door for your stock?

  3. Organise your toiletries stock into baskets or containers so they don't get lost at the back of the cupboard/drawer.

  4. When your daily products have run out simply replace from your stock section rather than re buying.

  5. If there is something in your stock section that you never bring out each time you replenish your daily products, then declutter those items.

Declutter Me gives tips and tricks to stay organised
How to organise your bathroom

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