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Declutter using the Pomodoro Technique

Decluttering is different for everyone and there are many ways to help you do it.

This particular technique we like to use for paperwork

  1. Set the task, this could be to open all unopened mail or to sort into piles of keep or shred

  2. Set a 25 minute timer

  3. Declutter as much as you can in the 25 minutes

  4. Rest

  5. Repeat this process up to 3 times and then stop

This can work with any area in your home not just paperwork, however we find it the most effective when dealing with piles of paper.

Why is that? Timing yourself can help people focus on a task. It can also prevent burn out which is very common when trying to declutter and sort through paperwork or unopened mail.

Remember that everyone is different so if this technique isn't for you, then dont panic! Declutter Me have lots of solutions for you.

Declutter using the pomodoro technique
Pomodoro Technique


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